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Bill, I can understand how two different reviewers of two different projector can come to two opposite conclusions concerning the projectors contrast and black level performance when the differences between the two projectors are extremely close. The reviewers differences can then be chalked up to "two sets of eyes, looking at two different sets of projectors in two different rooms" yada yada yada...

But when one reviewer states the Epson has a very visible advantage in blacklevel performance and that the Panasonics is simply no match for the Epson in this's hard to understand how the other reviewer can state the Panasonic is just as good or better in this regard. When the difference seems to be this clear, how can it then be simply chalked up as a difference in opinion? Either one projoctor is better in one area than the other or not.

Also, it's hard too understand how projector central (PC), when comparing the Epson 8700UB against the Panasonic AE4000 stated the Epson had better black level and contrast performance in darker scenes, but that the Epson lost it's advantage in the lighter scenes, and that the Epson actually wasn't as good as the Panny in scenes with significant light levels. PC basically said most scenes in movies had average to high light levels so the Panny would out perform the Epson in Blacklevel and contrast performance because of this. Basially, PC said the Panny midrange performance was better.

Now, it appears PC is stating the opposite. The Panny is said to show blacker blacks when the scene goes total black, but when a little light is added to the scene (like stars in the night) the black level performance of the two projectors are even. So, I'll have to conclude that the Epson has better midrange performance than the Panny, which will allow the Epson to show blacker blacks and better contrast when there is significat light in the scene. Basically, the Epson 5010 has the same advantage over the Panny AE7000 as the Panny AE4000 had over the Epson 8700UB, but yet, it's stated that the Panny AE7000 has better contrast and has the more depth too it's picture although its midrange isn't as strong than the that really doesn't make any sense.

Seams to me that some are biased towards the Panny and the other are biased towards the Epson....I guess some other party will have to weighin on this to make things a little clearer.