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Anyone considering an Epson projector needs to read up on their lamp issues. I've owned both Epson and Panasonic, and have woefully disappointed with Epson's constant lamp issues. I have an Epson HC 8500 and I'm on my 8th lamp. They barely last 500 hours, yet they continue to use the very same lamps in their newest projectors. Sometimes they severely dim, other times they fail completely with a loud POP.

In consideration of fairness, Epson has sent out replacement lamps with minimal hassle. I'm simply concerned with how long lamp replacement will continue after warranties expire? My Panasonic AX100 still throws a bright image with its second lamp, with over 1500 hours on it. I'm still very pleased with the VQ of the Epson, but the lamp issue has left me w/o a 1080p projector on several occasions while waiting for the replacement lamp to arrive.