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An option for a 3D-ready projector (which I understand this is not) is the Mitsubishi EW270u, which is a 720 HD projector, but one which I recommend without hesitation or reservation, and I will tell you why.

Let me first say that the Mitsubishi is, quite simply, a Mitsubishi. That means this is a beautifully engineered, built, performing, and customer-supported machine. It also gets absolute top ratings and recommendation here at which is certainly higher praise than mine. It also is a DLP projector, so there is NEVER ANY CHANCE OF:

1) Convergence/Panel Alignment issues 2) screen door effect 3) vulnerability to vibration 4) loss of a primary color due to the liquid panel literally being baked to death by extended exposure to the heat and light of the lamp, resulting in total/irreversible/irreparable panel destruction. 5) extreme sensitivity to humidity As far as the resolution, virtually all TV broadcasts are in 720P or 1080i, which are effectively equivalent, and that means the EW270u will look about as good when watching TV in a room with a good amount of ambient light.

The EW270u also has a long life (4000 hours!) lamp, so cost of ownership is low.

Finally, at today's prices (March 5, 2012), one can get an EW270u for just under $700 USD.

Because of the amount of light in my theater/entertaining room, I got one of these for their exceptional brightness. Also, I watch HD on TV, plus I set my blu-ray for 720 output, and the difference is hardly noticeable.

Give one a try. You'll be very impressed.