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Prices have dropped dramatically! MSRP was $1999 Street price was $1499

Now, dropped 30% to $999 PLUS a $300 rebate and added 3 year warrenty from Panasonic (rebate good till end of March 2012)

That brings this puppy in at $699 with Free Shipping and no tax when bought on-line. I paid $1499 six days ago. B & H credited and will send a refund of $500 just for me asking!

What a deal!

Wonder why the Price drop on this relativly new PJ (out in Oct 2011) as compared with the Epson 8350 (that I almost bought)that is nearly 2 years old and still remains at about $1200......with all it's complaints of short lamp life....

This is a pretty killer deal...for a very awesome projector.