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Reading another blog about Panasonic AR100 and the $300 rebate. Apparently Panasonic has pulled its rebate that was stated to be on purchases between Feb. 10, 2012 and March 31, 2012. No rebate forms are to be found on the Panny web site nor the previous retailers that carried Panny. I printed two. I sent one, with the required documentation, Purchase receipt Feb. 26. for $1,499.

Yep, still getting a refund for $500 from BH Yep, total cost to me should be $699....AS Advertized!

The Panny web site for rebates lists up to 18 weeks before getting a check. Although, on their web site you can apparently SEE if your rebate is being processed....after about FOUR weeks!

AND, the Panasonic AR 100 projctor is not listed in their drop down boxes so it is doubtfull that one will actually be able to check there......after the stated FOUR weeks!

Panny Customer rebates web site gives Phone 866-795- 3383 Only available on MONDAYS between 8 and 4:15 CST.


E-mail stating they will respond within 24 hrs.

Snail mail address is in Memphis.

Not complaining about the projector. It's worth the $1499 previous price. And, a steal at $999. But hey, a deal is a deal and I made my purchase based upon sales price and advertised a rebate. If I get the rebate, I'll be on of the lucky few to get it based upon the $999 price paid. And probably only a fluke because I initially paid $1499, then got the lower advertised price refund, with a receipt that shows I paid the $1499. We'll see... ChaZ