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Initially I had the Epson Powerlite 5010. I had a lemon and tried to contact Epson for exchange. They gave me a lot of trouble because I bought from Ebay. They said it is considered a 3rd party and will not honor it even though it was brand new with warranty card. Epson customer relation sucks. I returned it and after reading the excellent review of this Optoma HD33 I decided to go with it.

Wow I was aesthetic with the quality for half the price of the Epson 5010. The DLP image seems sharper and very bright(standard) then the LCD's.The HD33 is quiter then Epson 5010 too. The best part is half the price of the Epson. This is the cheapest 3D in the market.

I was really blown away. my friends said movies projected seems better then movie theater's. I am so pleased. I would recommend the HD3300 as it comes with 3 years warranty including the bulb. This model only 1 year warranty but $300 cheaper. I highly recommend this. You will not regret.