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When I can watch a 144" dia in OLED for under 2k I will consider something besides a projector. A Projector is easy to move and easy to replace. How much would one of those OLED things cost and how many bulbs can I buy? If the 2k projector craps out after 5 years who cares? If the 10k OLED craps out in 5 years I would be [censored]! Anyway, I usually give the projector to one of the kids when it needs a new bulb and I get a new one. Planning on a 3d projector this year and the 5010 has caught my eye. I may actually spend more than 2k this year we will see. Before you think about a high dollar screen been using walmart tshirt material for 6 years now two different installs costs about 3$ to 5$ for a screen spent more money in thumbtacks than material.