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Hi folks - thanks for writing. Apologies for not commenting sooner but I've been busy with other projectors.

Ian - If you think the AE7000 had horrible crosstalk, I don't know what to tell you. Have you talked to Panasonic warranty support? The AE7000 had very low crosstalk compared to other projectors in that generation. We put every projector we see through the 3D wringer, and I am hypersensitive to crosstalk, so if I don't mention it it's because it wasn't a problem.

KevinP - very little.

Carlos - For most people I would recommend the AE8000. The W7000 is a great projector but I don't think it can stand up to the AE8000's image quality and unique features.

EeeCeeTee - If you mean for the lamp, no. Lamp warranties are always going to have limits. I wouldn't be surprised if, when LED projectors finally make it out, their light sources limit the warranty to 5,000 hours or something like that.

Khang - much less than on previous generations. And the screen door effect has not been a problem for a few years now, but Panasonic's Smooth Screen filter makes it even less of a problem on Panny HT projectors.

Paul - I believe so, yes.

Ted - I understand your concern, however modern home theater projectors are very quiet compared to even a few years ago. Where are you mounting your projector that you can still hear the fan? We have ours on a rear shelf maybe 5 feet from the audience and it's like it's not even there. That's true for most HT projectors these days, not just this one.

Guy - We're only going to compare the AE8000 against other projectors released this year. The main one is going to be the Epson 5020 which we don't have yet. Comparing this year's model against last year's model doesn't tell us anything useful.

R2D2 - Yes, that is the primary purpose - anamorphic display without the anamorphic lens. On a screen that large you might worry about brightness, so I'd use Cinema 2 for sure.

Milo - We're excited to see the Epson 5020 as well. It should be here soon!

Brian - you're welcome!

IAN - I assume you're the same Ian. I still don't know what "crosstalk/ghosting issue" you're talking about, since we saw very little on the AE7000. However, you should know that Panasonic did some research and found that some crosstalk was temperature-related, so they adjusted the temperature control inside the unit and have reduced crosstalk even further.

Mark - I don't mind people asking for more. It means they're interested and reading, and that's all I can ask for. Usually if I don't mention something it's because I think there are other more important things to discuss. If I talked about every aspect of the projector we'd end up with a 10,000-word review and no one would read it, so I have to be selective of what makes the cut. Since I didn't see a problem with crosstalk last year, I didn't mention it this year. Clearly this bothered some folks. Hopefully my comments here will put some of that to rest.

Travis - I've never heard this; do you have a source? I'd like to read more.

Michael - we will always mention convergence if it is a problem, but it doesn't merit a discussion in every review. A few Epson projectors years back had a serious panel alignment problem and it featured prominently in the review of those models. The same goes for edge-to-edge sharpness. If you don't see a potential problem mentioned, it's because the projector doesn't have that problem. It doesn't mean we didn't test it.

James - I'll be happy to tell you as soon as we see an Epson 5020.

Chris - Hey, thanks for the feedback. Looks like your experience mirrors my own.

skgupta - It can give you the 2.35:1 experience using Lens Memory, but no, it does not have a built-in anamorphic lens.

I think that's everyone. Thanks again for reading. We should have the Epson 5020 soon, and I'll get to work on it as soon as it arrives.