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Noll - There are definitely five inputs. You might be looking at an older version of the manual, but on page 61 of the Epson 3020 manual it says there are five inputs and one passthrough.

gadolphus - That's the nature of technology, my friend. Ten years ago, every new digital camera that came to market was miles better than the last one. These days, it's a much more incremental improvement. As a technology matures, the number of major fixes you can make to it decrease, and so you get smaller, more subtle product updates.

RAMoynihan - Thanks for the note. It's definitely a home video projector. We'll see about fixing that.

Tom - You are correct; according to Epson the pass-through can also pass video. I'll make an edit to this review and then go back to working on the 5020 :)

Tbone85 - If you do want an Epson projector that's fantastic for gaming, look at the Home Cinema 8350. It has the lowest lag numbers we've seen on any projector recently. As for your audio question, I didn't see an option like that, so I'm gonna say probably not.