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I am seeking advice to choose the right screen material for a 125" (49 x 115) 2:35 screen with the PTAE-8000U. The projector which is set at the back wall, likely has less than 600 ANSI LUMENS (and possibly approching only 500 Lumens), which works out to 15 (@ 600) & 12.777 (close to bare min.) - (Cinema 1 mode likley). It is a dark room (no reflection issues, black wall and furniture. If I choose the JKP 0.9 Gain I risk falling below the recommended min light level (SMPTE min. 12 FL.). I am therfore inclined to choose the JKP 1.1 gain. Does anyone know if the blacks will be noticably compromised with the 1.1 Gain screen? Also is the screen finish and sharpness as good with the 1.1 screen? Pehaps the Studio Tek 130 G3 is the best choice. 3D will be used and I am betting that (as per another PTAE8000 review) setting the projector to Dynamic and calibrating it will provide enough light.