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I have a Panasonic AE3000U I have been using for a few years that has been excellent although has had a certain issue from time to time.At times it will start then shut off,or as now not start.In the past it was an issue that a Mitsubishi guy called,"shake and bake",where you take the bulb out,turn it over,shake it then reinstall.This has worked a couple times.The projector was just past the 2 year warranty although the bulb only had a few hundred hours on it.I am still havinh same issue. Anyone ever had this problem? Next question.Can you view a 3D image off of a wall? I know it sounds crazy but I have been viewing off a wall for years and it looks great.I had done screen sample tests and you could hardly see a difference to warrant spending the $6,000 or wharever for the 240:1 size I was viewing. Seriously,I don't mind the screen cost but can a wall actually work for 3D? Thanks for any info.