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Thanks everyone for your comments. I will try to address some of them below.

Erik - 2D to 3D conversion is notoriously difficult to test. Often the differences between projectors are subtle, and it is usually impossible to watch both projectors simultaneously side by side, either due to glasses incompatibility or IR interference. I would characterize the two as similar, with no major flaws, but we still think the Mitsubishi HC8000D has the best 2D to 3D conversion we have seen thus far.

EeeTee - Thanks, we've updated the review to reflect current pricing. I will update the Warranty section shortly.

Tom - we do not currently test input lag in 3D since 3D adds a significant amount of lag. Gamers concerned with input lag should not use 3D. I'm curious, though: I'm not as active a gamer as I once was, so I don't know if there are 3D games that are highly lag-dependent. Do these games exist?

Squuiid - I don't know what to tell you. I listed my settings in the review. That's what I used and that's the number I obtained.

Robert - good to hear that your findings reflect our own.

Scott - yes, you can use a wall to view 3D images. That is one of the benefits of active shutter 3D technology; a special screen is not required.

Lourdes - I always go with simple white, but I have not painted a screen in many years so I'm afraid I can't be much help.

Dave - there is a Zoom dial on top of the lens.

Phil - as I haven't seen the X55, I really can't comment. Sorry.