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I tried using the optical audio out as suggested by your review. It didn't work. I checked with Epson and here's their response: "The Wireless HD device only outputs a stereo signal from the audio out port. If you have a high definition device that is outputting a 7.1 or 5.1 digital surround sound signal, then you will only get 2 channels of audio, resulting in low audio or no audio output at all." When I responded that it seemed like a poor design, they disclaimed all responsibility saying the transmitter was not manufactured by them and pointed me to the Wireless HD consortium website. Wow! Can you believe that Epson doesn't care about something that it sells as its own?! It seems to me this is only useful then (and I haven't tested it to see if it works) if you are converting a stereo signal to HDMI (e.g., an RCA to HDMI). Second, I don't even get two channels of audio. I get nothing, so I'm wondering whether it will even work in the signal conversion scenario. So basically, the audio out is useless and I wonder why they even bothered. Would it have been that much harder to make it full digital since it is a digital optical out (and wouldn't this also in any event play the converted stereo signal as well)? In general, the wireless transmitter is also not designed very well nor very robust. If you can make the cables work, do it. Every time your input device loses a video signal (like when the DVD player changes status, or when you switch to a 3D channel on the TV), the transmitter loses signal and has to reset which can take anywhere from 10-30 seconds. Then, if you are watching one input and turn it off before switching inputs, you lose the signal completely (even if your other inputs are sending a signal) and it often simply doesn't reset, so you have to manually reset it. So you have to remember to always switch first before turning off the other input. Finally, the projector shows ALL inputs even if you have nothing plugged into them. Since I currently only have two inputs plugged in, my projector shows 3 blue boxes at the bottom of the screen and I have to scroll through all of them to get to the other input. Next, I used a converter to convert the Wii RCA cables to HDMI. On my HD TV, this works beautifully, very nice picture, great sound. When you plug it into the Epson wireless, you can see the Wii on the input sub-boxes, but when you try to switch to it, the transmitter loses the signal and it requires a reset (manually going to the transmitter and holding the reset button for 10 seconds)to get it to work again. I will be providing a full review of this projector and the numerous other problems I've had with it on Amazon and Epinions. I'm on my second 3020e projector and this will be it with Epson. I wanted to like this projector which has a really great 3D experience when it works, but there are just too many problems with it.