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JCP, Finally found someone that has experienced a Dwin tranvision 2 and knows of the quality it can give, And you are right no parts or anything from dwin anymore. Actually the dwin still performs really well with the exception that the last new lamp goes out with the projector still running, not hot and if you unplug the screen so it won't run up and down just turn the projector off then right back on it works great again, sometimes it will run forever 2-3-4 full length movies then it takes it on it's own to start in again every 2 to 15 minutes or so. Who knows??? Anyway thanks for your answer to my question and I have narrowed it down to the 8000u or the 6020,decisions decisions but am ready to go one way or the other. One problem is I don't have a dealer within a couple hundred miles of here and not sure how to buy either one. internet is scary. Anyway I know this is long so will stop here and thanks again for your answer. Jer