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To Scott, re: Runco projectors. Projector Central rarely if ever reviews these products, but having sold projectors a few years ago, I was regularly surprised at how Runco could sell a 720p projector for $5K that didn't match the image that a projector costing half as much could deliver. Runco was known for their ability for professional calibration, and because of the price they gave dealers a decent margin. But I can't imagine even their top tier projectors hold up against something like the AE8000-or whatever the newest iteration of the JVC projector is (although the last time I was looking the current-at-the-time Panasonic actually held its own against the JVC-which was no small feat).

I'm sure Runco has it's supporters, but I never did see a difference to warrant the price difference-and especially not if its as big a price jump as you mentioned.