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I have replaced an Optoma H79 with the BenQ W1070. My room is completely light controlled and my screen in 114" wide (side to side). The picture quality resolution is very noticable as I went from 720 to 1080. The W1070 doesn't seem to have as good of black levels as the H79, but the W1070 is MUCH brighter. I am running it in ECO mode and Cinema mode. A calibration disc shows that the W1070 is white clipping, but this may be due to a new bulb! I had to mount the W1070 a few feet closer to the screen as the throw is shorter. This placed it about 1 foot in front of me at the prime seating position. It is on the ceiling, so it is several feet away from me. In my opinion, the W1070 is noticably louder than the H79. It is not terrible,but I do hear it during silent moments in a movie.

The SW on my projector is 1.04. I did notice a major over-saturation of blue while watching "Looper". This was during night scenes with a point of light in the movie background. This high contrast in the movie is supposed to show a glare line or glare halo...depending on how the cinematographer wanted you to see it. Instead, I would get a BRIGHT royal blue saturation as to where the glare was. I haven't watched enough other content to see if it happens again.

I'm looking forward to seeing 3D movies on this system. I don't have glasses yet, but I think I will get the TrueDepth 3D units as they can be set for 3D or 2D while watching a 3D movie. This will let others watch a movie with me and see it in 2D if they prefer.

So far, I am VERY pleased with this projector.