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I s this an idea for a selfmade medium sized screen and for its masking for the aspect ratios of your dvd /blu ray movies ?

From a white mat hardboard i took a 122 x 180 cm section framed it on three sides with standard curtain rails in order to get steady and real flat upright standing surface and upon that a garanteed projection scharpness Put it in a sort of stand The masking .I took a strip of 40 by 180 cm also white hardboard painted the backside black with school blackboard paint,made it adjustable in height did tghat also for the upper long side and with both black horizontal masks I met the most used aspect ratios : 3:4 16:9 1:178 12.35/40 and and cinerama format for the curve sized movie How the west was won It cost me only 15 box because the curtain rails were available by choosing for another type (lamel) of sunwearing and there was some old paint rested from the past going way back B&W movie Blackboard jungle ;) Sorry for n ot including a making off pic , just make it even better ,Succes !

Ben The Netherlands