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Thanks for publishing this long-awaited review, Bill! I have to admit though that I'm a bit underwhelmed by it as there's no statement on the noise level (which as I noted in my other comment, is very important to me). Does that mean noise levels are similar to those of the Optoma HD25? If so, how is that even possible? I mean, I really wonder how Optoma would manage to get double the measured lumens (2300 lumen vs. 1185 lumens of the HD25) out of a very similar device, seemingly without any major drawbacks (apart from slightly worse black levels which is to be expected)? Is it simply the Philips vs. Osram bulb? If so, I'd expect all other manufacturers to switch their bulbs as well, as it's literally a no-brainer then. Or/and does the HD25-LV have a different color-wheel, maybe with a wider (or additional) white sector? The fact that colors allegedly don't noticeably fade compared to the HD25 suggest that it might be the different bulb only indeed (as with a white sector in the wheel one would expect quite some color fading). On the other hand, as noted, I don't understand why not every other manufacturer uses the same Philips bulb then.

Another point regarding the audible noise level: Since the LV model has a so much brighter image, the LV model could perhaps also be a very good alternative for those potential buyers who fear that the HD25 might be too noisy, assuming the LV's noise in Eco mode is lower than in its normal mode (is it?). As even in Eco mode, the LV's 1725 lumens (-25% compared to measured normal mode brightness) are way above HD25's measured 1185 lumens. Any opinion on this idea, Bill?

All in all, if I trust your review, the HD25-LV looks like a clear winner to me. I mean, why even think about purchasing a HD25 or a Benq w1070, considering one gets more brightness (which can always be dimmed down using Eco mode and disabling BrilliantColor) at almost no disadvantage? I'm happy the HD25-LV seems to be a great projector for its money compared to its competition.

That said, I still regret that projector manufacturers don't seem to be able or willing to publish honest numbers about almost everything (like lumens, dB/sone, contrast, etc.).