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The HD25 and HD25-LV have the exact same fan noise. I have added a comment in the article to this effect.

As far as "how is that even possible," I do not want to speculate. Your suspicion that it might involve the color wheel is plausible, but Optoma no longer publishes color wheel information, even for their home theater projectors, so it is impossible to confirm. We have asked Optoma representatives several times for color wheel information but they have declined to comment.

Both the HD25-LV and the HD25 are actually very quiet in operation, but you are correct that Eco-mode is quieter still. Your idea of using the LV in Eco mode instead of the HD25 in full power is not bad, though the HD25-LV's black level is still not as deep as that of the HD25.


The HD25-LV's additional lumen output in 3D mode sounds like it would be beneficial to you. If 3D is a priority, I'd say go for it.