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Great review...thank you. I am looking for a projector that can handle dual use. Mostly it would be for use in my small living room that has ambient light (the light coming in would not be facing the screen, but instead would hit the wall behind the screen). I am less worried about this use. I also plan to take it onto my patio for nfl sunday game viewing. I have a big brown gazebo canopy that will cover the screen area and provide some protection from the daylight.

I think I need at least 2500 to 3000 lumens. What do you suggest?

My other concerns are that I want 1080p, decent color output, and also a usb input that i can play video from (think Chromecast). I dont care about 3d, but its a nice feature if it had it. Is there a projector you suggest around or under 1000? I am considering this optoma, the benq 1070, acer h6510bd. Any others that have it all and allow me to be greedy and get everything I want?