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Hello, great comments guys. A couple of questions. I am considering purchasing the Z700 as my first foray into the front-projector world. This unit to be installed in a basement home theatre/family room. The setup of the room will be a variable viewing distance to about 18 feet max. The room has one egress window, of which drapes, and the screen will block out the diffuse light that enters. So basically the room will mostly be lit by artificial light and therefore 100% adjustable. We currently have a regular DVD and SD digital cable. In addition to the projector, I've also been told Santa is also bringing a Wii this year. So here are my questions:

Is 1080p really worth the extra $$? Should I be concerned with any real-world issues like SDE, color reproduction or any lag time for video games with this unit? Will the image quality on standard DVD or cable still be good or will an immediate upgrade to Blue-Ray and HD be required.

I appreciate any advice. Thanks, Dom