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Actually testing it against StudioTek would be like comparing apples to oranges. The affinity screen is a matte GRAY screen with very little gain (.9). There is no technology behind this. It is the same type of screens that have been around since the 30's. StudioTek is a white screen with a gain of 1.3. This makes StudioTek 40% brighter than the Affinity screen. Graymatte from Stewart on the other hand is a matte gray screen. That would better represent what the affinity screen is TRYING to do. The difference is that Graymatte has been around much longer, has been perfected, and is generally used for different applications than home theaters. This would be the ideal material for edge blending applications due to the fact that it is a lambertian surface (has no half gain). The problem with this for home theaters is that people do not generally create black holes to watch their screen on. What happens then is your screen will reflect the light not only back to the viewer, but on the ceiling and walls as well. Please don't be fooled by all the hype. There is nothing new about this screen. It is just new to DaLite.