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Amazing run panasonics PT-AE line is on for the last 5 or 6 years on Projector Central.

pt-ae1000 25/25 possible total stars + editors choice,

pt-ae2000 24.5/25 possible total 25 stars + editors choice,

pt-ae3000 25/25 possible total stars + editors choice,

pt-ae4000 25/25 possible total stars + editors choice,

pt-ae7000 25/25 total possible stars + editors choice,

pt-ae8000 25/25 total possible stars with editors choice to follow...

Thats 149.5 points out of 150. JVC wouldn't stand an earthly against panasonic here let alone sony, mitubishi, epson etc. Im really not being sarcastic here but ive never seen any A/V component, let alone video component, rack up points on a single line, on any web, magazine review site. Must be a record that will never, ever be beaten...