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I'm not sure that I get Epson's marketing strategy with the 2030. The under $1000 pricing, along with a very bright & sharp image will surely be noticed by a lot of prospective buyers. However, I wonder how many units will be sold given the extremely limited placement options: no lens shift, the unusual (that's an understatement) throw angle, and a 1.2x zoom. My bias here is that I have a fading Panasonic ae900u on a 15 inch-wide shelf built into the wall 5 ft high, behind the couch, projecting 15 feet onto a 8 foot wide screen.... a very nicely centered and proportioned set-up. Sure, $1000 sounds great, but if it cost $200 more and had a 1.6x zoom, a little lens shift, and got rid of that ultra-high throw angle, I would buy it in a second. Given it's compact design, I'd bet it would give the Panasonic ar100 some serious competition, given that projector's mammoth size.