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Hi folks,

We are preparing a shootout of 1080p projectors under $1000, and the Epson 2030 will be included in that comparison.

In the meantime, here are answers to some of your other questions.

Chris: the Epson 3020 has two 10W speakers. Compared to most projectors, that is a "sound system."

johnny: the optoma DLP projectors you mention are two models we have yet to review, so we cannot comment on comparative benefits. However, you can answer your own throw distance question by using our Projection Calculator Pro. The link is in the sidebar.

praethian: The 2030 does have a bypass -- switch Image Processing to "fast." Unfortunately, it's still not the single-frame delay we were hoping for.

Sis: glad you enjoy it!

Dust&Bones: the BenQ W1070 is very fast for video games and costs about the same.

Dan S: it sounds like you're the perfect customer for the Epson 8350. It lacks 3D, but so does your current projector, and the 8350 will blow the AE900 out of the water.