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I find these reviews to be all a little repressive. Every bright projector does ok video but not as good as home theater projectors. I have had different experiences. It may just be my taste but as an owner of both home theater and bright proffesional projectors, I am almost always disappointed by home theater projectors. They have these silly high contrast ratios that were measured in lab level darkness that most people can't achieve at home without blocking all windows, painting the walls black and covering every light - even the standby light on the device etc. even then, they mostly look ok. Proffesional grade projectors cost a fortune but you can get a used one for a bargain these days. You can spend $2000 and get a projector that cost $20000 a few years before and have brightness of between 5000 and 10000 lumens. Enough to watch in the living room with the lights on. Also, with the right screen, you can get amazing blacks. Contrast ratio's compare the darkest to the brightest possible image in a pitch black room. 30,000 times darker than 700 lumens is not much more impressive than 3000 times darker than 7000 lumens. Even a small side lamp makes home theater projectors lose all their contrast. It can be a false idol. Bright projectors let you use darker screens. With my black-screens, I get amazing blacks with any projector but with the proffesional one, I get them with the lights on top!