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I got this projector a couple weeks and I'm a little mixed. I inherited an Optoma Pro 260X from the previous home owner, and it crapped out after 5 months (no older than 9 months of total use) so I didn't want any of that. After reading this review in particular,I went with this projector. The picture quality, especially the black levels, is much better (don't know what you're missing until you see better) and compares decently to most flat screens despite the obviously larger image size. I haven't tried out 3D yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it!

Now for the bad. All of the placement troubles are accurate. The previous owner had that crappy projector, but a great set up. 100" screen and the projector was discretely hidden behind the viewing area with a ceiling mount, which I was planning on using. Problem is the mount was about 3 feet too far back for the limited zoom. It is also incredibly difficult to get it aligned properly. A millimeter here or there and it throws the image off noticeably, so I've been going nuts trying to mount it without the use of keystone (using a tabletop mount for now).

The other huge pain in the a$$ is the throw calculator on this site doesn't indicate how far from the ceiling it needs to be, and the Epson site's calculator doesn't even have this model yet. On top of that, the utterly useless (and I can't emphasize how useless) online manual doesn't have any instructions for ceiling mounting, aside from telling you how to turn the image upside down.

I will admit I have never had a projector before the ill-fated Optoma and this Epson, so I'm no expert, but this has been frustrating. The picture is very good, but I also can't find out if this natively displays 1080p/24Hz. It "supports" that format, but is it scaled? Blu Ray's do look great and don't have much shudder, so I think it does.

Bottom-line is if you know what you're doing when it comes to projector setup, this is a great buy. If you are a novice with projectors, yet an electronics perfectionist like me, be prepared to be incredibly frustrated