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I happened to see a side by side between a black diamond 1.4 gain and a Stewart Firehawk screen. In terms of screen color, they both looked very similar - ie gray and not black in surface color. The Draper high performance fabric is more comparable to the BD 0.8 gain screen. The 1.4 gain and the Stewart are both grey screens at black-screen pricing. The BD screen has a glare off the hard coat, the Stewart doesn't have a hard coat so no glare. As a result, the Stewart looks better in low ambient light in my opinion (although not that different). Compared to cheaper grey screens, neither are significantly better to justify the price difference. The darker BD version and the draper are different. With the right projector (a bright one), you do have a chance of getting a watchable image in a reasonably bright room. If you are choosing between a better projector with a grey screen or one of these screens and a cheaper projector, go with the better projector. It will make more of a difference. If money is no object, get a decent bright projector and one of the 0.8 gain black screens and you will have a viable living room set-up. The 1.4 gain options are pointless in my opinion. A decent bright modern projector doesn't need the extra gain and benefits far more from a helping hand with black levels. More gain in a bright room can mean more glare. Higher gain is for under powered projectors for use in a dark room on a screen that is larger than they could otherwise handle. The gain will not stop the image from looking washed out in high ambient light.

I hope this helps. BTW, for the high end black-screens I have seen, I saw little evidence of selective ambient light blocking. If it is there, it doesn't make enough of a difference to notice. Most of the improvement in performance seemed to come from the darker screen surface so the projector didn't have to rely on darkness to simulate blacks. The BD in particular seemed to suffer from surface glare instead of rejecting other light sources. I would advise a live demo to avoid disappointment. Manage your expectations. They are an improvement but you JVC still won't work against direct sunlight.