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A to outdoor use

A very simple low cost almost perfect fix

Take heavy thick ply black (anything) like sheets or plastic from builders center that comes in a roll. Then attach to a light weight frame at top or a wire extending from each of the screens four sides. Put screen inside frame extending the plastic out 3-6 feet on all four sides of the screen. (you can fig it out)

This will offset the screen back 3-6 feet in a much darker environment. It will make the projected light stand out in comparison to the black housing around the screen. NOTE: you might want to weight the bottom down so wind thing you know. Also cuts dome half moons into the sheets to allow wind to pass through. You want to do your sailing on the water not your back yard.

When finished disassemble and roll each of the four plastic segments up on the suggested 1"x1"x8' polls/frame and store until next yard party.

Not perfect but a great improvement.

Ok. Let me know

FYI. I need 4-6 tickets for the 4th july