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Thanks for reading, folks.

Tony - A shootout is coming very soon. Stay tuned!

Geoff - Actually, the AE8000 measured 34ms. The AE7000 was 41ms.

Craig - I agree that powered lens adjustments would be a welcome addition, and we discuss the impact of manual adjustments in our review. However, such a feature would very likely make the projector cost more than it does now.

Elio - I did not calibrate the 3D modes, but 3D THX is already pretty close to 6500K. Unfortunately it is also the dimmest of the three 3D modes.

Eddie - The manual is incorrect. The 5030UB definitely does not have anamorphic stretch, though the 6030UB does. I will inform Epson of the mis-print.

Maarten - I'm checking with Epson and will get back to you.