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Maarten, I've received an official response from Epson regarding European model numbers and it looks like Nikko was correct. Here they are.

Home Cinema 2030 = EH-TW5200;

Pro Cinema 4030 = EH-TW7200;

Home Cinema 5030UB(e) = EH-TW8200(W);

Pro Cinema 6030UB = EH-TW9200

Kelvin, the drop in light output is linear. In other words, using the midpoint of the zoom, you lose roughly 22% of the projector's max light output.

Michael, the Sony HW55 should be on its way to us now, and we will certainly do a comparison.

GeoffTB, that's unfortunate. We did not run into any major alignment problems, though our 5030UB was slightly mis-aligned on arrival. We fixed it with the Panel Alignment feature.

Josh, right now we use the dual-display method, but our Bodnar lag tester is on its way. When it arrives, we will re-check the projectors we have on hand to find out what the differences are.

Chris, not necessarily. Placing the projector closer to the screen increases light output, but light output is not the be-all and end-all of image quality. Using the maximum wide angle setting also increases light scatter and makes screen illumination more uneven. Optically speaking, the ideal is using the mid-point of the zoom lens, but 1080p is nowhere near enough resolution to tax most projector lenses from an optical standpoint. I know you were looking for a quick answer, but it's not an easy question. We will be addressing this topic more thoroughly in the near future, so stay tuned.