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so im loking for a lil help here I got the pt-ae8000u and ive had it for oh about almost 3 months the lamp has about 350 hours on it and its worked great up untill now, but just recently it started blanking out the picture and when i say this I mean the whole picture goes black (note I have blue set as my background screen color when there is no video signal) after awhile the blanking out will stop for awhile and sometimes it'll start back up. this is usually really bad upon startup of any video source, or when i turn the projector on, and on any hdmi port. for an example I played LOTR return of the king the other night and it did this black screen blinking picture and black screen for awhile 2-5 minutes i'll say and then when i neared the end of the movie when they're having the battle at the black gate it started doing it again picture then black for a second then picture etc. any suggestions at all