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Though, I really like the picture of this projector versus the Epson 2030; I have had to replace it 3 time in the course of 60 days. On 3 separate units, within 30 days of purchase circular spots of slightly brighter tone were appearing all over the screen. I may not have noticed it outside of a dark image. Doing some troubleshooting, I discover if I changed the focus of the lens, The circular bright spots would come into sharp focus, revealing precise pixel-like white spots. The problem started as only o few spots, but over the course of a couple weeks, there were almost a hundred of these tiny white spots, identifiable when you change the focus, resulting in these circular spots of slightly brighter tone all over the screen. I found a post on another forum from someone who has the same problem- -but they found no solution - as a matter of fact Benq told him it was "normal." Benq would not tell me the cause of the problem, though they did offer to repair the unit, considering it happened within 30 days.