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"What screen aspect ratio do you want: 16:9 or 2.4?" Thank you for a very well written article on the subject matter. There is a lot of useful information here. I built my dedicated home theater 13 years ago. It is now undergoing the upgrade number 3. Affordable HD projectors made all the difference when it came to enjoyable watching of the movies. One thing that I have not been able to avoid are those "black bars" on the 16:9 screen. Everybody calls them black bars when in fact I can only see dark grey at the best of times. Since I watch only movies in my theater, I would love to have a projector with the native 21:9 aspect ratio. I can't get one! Changing the screen is an easy problem to solve. But projector... Your article gives pros and cons of various aspect ratios of the screen. It appears that the amount of the real estate of the screen surface was an important issue. For some people it may be so. The widest possible 16:9 screen in a room may produce the largest screen area and a wow factor. However, I fail to see how a huge 16:9 screen is going to improve the quality of the image with the current crop of projectors. I am talking about the loss of vertical resolution here of course. By the way I dislike the usage of an anamorphic lens. My argument is: The vast percentage of the movies are released on DVD/BD in original theatrical aspect ratios, so why no projectors to cater for this format. 16:9 screens do nothing for the quality of the image.(good for TV sports etc.) I would like to see 21:9 projectors available, or somehow force movie studios to release all Blu-Ray discs in 16:9 aspect ratio. I'll keep on dreaming. Regards, Ben