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Bill, thanks to your great review i finally decided to buy the epson 5030ub. you are right it is a great projector, kind of big. I had to built a rear shelf mounting to place it, it is heavy! it works nice even with some light. my only issue is that I could not place it exactly perpendicularly in front of my screen, it is around 4 feets off left, with lens shift i moved the picture to fit into my screen, however as a problem I do not get a perfect rectangular picture. it is not bad and i can correct with keystone, however I saw picture loses some quality with keystone adjustment, do you have any good tip for getting a perfect rectangular picture mithout moving the projector exactly to the front of my screen (my room doesnt allowed me to do that)? thanks again for your review, it helped me a lot to make my decision for what projector to buy.