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I got my Epson 2030 less than a month ago. I have had an Epson Powerlite 705HD for the past 4 years and have been happy with it so decided to upgrade to the 2030. The only problem I'm finding with the 2030 is that I can't change the Aspect ratio. It's always set to the normal mode and the other options are grayed out. I have a Sony Blu Ray player connected to the Projector via HDMI cable. I realize that you can't change aspect in 3D mode, I'm unable to change it in the 2D mode. My old 705HD could change to any (16x9,Full,Zoom,Native) of the ratios at any time. I was told by a tech at Epson that this is normal when you connect your player using the HDMI input, and he told me that my Powerlite 705HD should NOT be able to change aspect ration hooked up the same way but it has for the past 4 years. Any help would be appreciated.