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Hi guys,

Something to share with you all regarding the projector's matching up with different screen... i have been using Kikuchi MTSR 90" HDAM screen for years and have no problem with my other Panasonic & Sanyo projectors. When I installed my Epson TW8200 (HK model no. which is equal to 5030UB), the image revealed a large area of light grey strips that looked like water mark.

The technical advice from Epson's professional was: it's the mismatch of my screen vs high lumens projector... thus this sort of optical "Newton Ring" occured. there's nothing I can do except changing a matching screen. Of course I was upset and asked for other possible alternatives, and the answer was no...

What I did figure was to try applying:

1) Polarizing filter that may help eliminating such optical effect, or

2) Readjust the Len Shift angles (vertically & horizontally) to see if it may help...

To my great surprise, I just merely reduced the zoom range from its widest 100% to 95% (i.e., screen width from 90" to 86"), the water mark disappeared!

Now I really understood why so many AV pals are fury about the so-called technical service from dealers...