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I put off moving to a projector for a long, long time. When the 5030UB came out, I debated between going with a high-end 60-inch Panasonic plasma and this projector with a 100-inch diagonal screen. My old Panasonic Tau large screen tube TV was starting to fade, and it was time to make a decision. I decided on the Epson.

Of course, the true test of any purchase of this kind is having it pass the "Wife Test". When I finally got the system set up in the basement, I asked my wife for a review after watching some of the Sochi Olympics. Her comment was, "Well, it's okay, but you know I'm not into all the multimedia stuff". So I decided to switch gears a little, and next evening dropped in a DVD of "Winged Migration". That was all it took. She was sold. Watching that flick with the picture quality thrown onto the screen by the 5030 almost makes you feel you are flying along with the rest of the flock. My hyperactive 5-year-old was rapt with attention. I am sold, and am extremely satisfied, as is the wife. Thank you Epson for an exceptional product.