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Audio lag can occur for many reasons and there are several cures. Since we separate the signals when sending video to a projector and audio to a ?receiver? it is not surprising they can get out of sinc. I use DLNA from my PCs to all video displays and that introduced a huge lag. The simple fix for me was to realize that manufactureres anticipate this and usually allow for the problem in the menu under "audio processing" or similar. DVD players almost always have this function, and most other components as well. My solution was running the signal through my OPPO 103 allows me to slide the audio sync tab to the right, making them work as a match. Since I don't know anything about your equipment and connections I can only encourage you do go into menus on your equipment, look under audio, (the processing if available) and adjust the delay/advance of the audio. It is not the projectors fault as it displays what it is sent. I hope that is some help, Bary