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I own this projector and it is ceiling mounted. It certainly wasn't the easiest, in fact out of my 3 PJ's it was the most difficult, but certainly nothing that can't be handled. Get your measurements right the first time. And be aware that there are no forgiving adjustments with this PJ, either physical or mechanical. If you have the option, mount the PJ before your screen. it might help slightly with lining things up. Now that its up there, I couldn't be happier. And ,my wife appreciates the brightness:) Shadow detail not the best, but its good enough to where I don't notice its shortcomings. I've seen some questions about fan noise, and int the eco modes, it is very quiet. it is right above our heads and hardly ever notice it. Once in bright mode, it does get quite loud. But I usually only do that for a sporting event in daylight hours when guests are over. I am seeing it online and around town for $800. That's a steal. I paid $200 more and feel its a bargain even at that point. I went from 408p>720p>1080p btw, the 3d is cool too. Works better than anything I have seen in the Theaters.