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I've read people's comments regarding customer support, and some bad experiences. That's not my experience. I've had my 5010 since 4-12 (2 months out of warranty!). The auto shutter (lens cover) stopped working. CS was great! They sent me a firmware update. I loaded it, and machine totally shut down, going into SERVICE MODE (2 red flashing lights). I called CS, and upon me e mailing the CS rep my purchase receipt, he noted that although my unit was 3 months out of warranty he wanted to help me. He IMMEDIATELY offered to send me a replacement unit, free to me, including return shipping of my defective unit. Yes, I did shower then with kindness Yes, I was honest with him that my unit was out of warranty. Yes, I was required to give a CC hold of $2100 until they get the defective unit returned.

Maybe I was just lucky, and talked to a GREAT CS rep (many thanks Feenix!). 2 business days shipping, and return shipping prepaid by Epson. I could not be more pleased

I would like to think that being nice, talking to CS honestly, without a sense of "entitlement", and being respectful goes a LONG WAY towards getting assistance, and them actually WANTING to help.

I will update this post if any glitches occur.

I will be an Epson projector customs FOR LIFE!