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Hi Dominic, I just saw your posting today. The answer to your question, "Is 1080p really worth the extra $$?" is yes if your going to to be purchasing a blu-ray player in the future. If your main viewing is only going to be standard dvd's than a cheaper 720p projector would probably be better for you. I own the Sanyo 1080p, and no longer have much interest in watching or hearing standard dvd's anymore.

Blu-ray movies when encoded properly visually and sound wise, blow standard dvd's out of the water. Trust me, once you've seen and heard a high quality blu-ray movie you'll get hooked. I own 2 projectors at this time, and watch standard dvd's on my 480p projector. And of course my blu-ray movies on the 1080p. Safe to say my 480p is just collecting dust.

Besides watching movies I really enjoy the eye candy of blu-ray discs that show video of outdoor scenery like "Over America". This is where a big screen and projector come in handy.