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It's amazing to me how many people tried to push me to purchase a Stewart screen. I had to make several attempts to look even get a chance to see the JKP screen. It seams to be the Stewart screens are the "go to" item for all of the custom theater shops. I was happy to find the owner of a Northern California dealer who had 40 years in the custom install business who really was an impartial voice when it came time to finally get a screen for our room.

We purchased the JKP Affinity after reading your review and listening to someone who I think has years of experience. I also got to see it in action vs a Stewart screen.

I have to agree that the material is smooth. It creates a really nice open picture from all angles and has just met my expectations for a pleasing crisp picture. I went in to see the only Northern California display of this JKP screen. I had to take into account that the projector shooting at it was above $30K and I have an older Panasonic 900AE.

Looking at the Stewart screen room then back to the JKP display I just found it more pleasing a picture. I would add that I lost the screen feel or that I am looking at a screen when I viewed the JKP. To me this was the goal. On the Stewart, you just had a few moments here and there that the sparkle would show through and that for me sealed my wanting the JKP screen.

Also, I like the idea that my kids won't be able to scuff any glitter off of it since it has no surface material to damage. Should also help in keeping it clean and damaged free.

It arrived well packed and the fit of the fixed frame was great. We were very pleased with the quality and ease of assembly.

Wife and I are very pleased with the picture and the look of the beveled frame.