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I am curious how this would compare to a Carada Classic Cinema white with black behind the screen. I have a sample of the Affinity material from CEDIA last September, but I'm sure it isn't the final formula. I believe the Carada is at least as smooth to my eyes and the gain probably isn't that different with the Carada Classic Cinema White being around 1.0 or a little under. I haven't measured them myself, but somebody else who measured a sample of the Affinity and the Carada Classic Cinema White actually got better color balance measurements from the Carada. The formula for the Affinity likely changed since then, but from that person's measurements the Carada Classic Cinema White was already very color balanced. I realize that the Carada material probably lets some light through, but that is one reason I mentioned situations where the wall behind it is dark or some black material has been added.

As far as the Grayhawk RS, based on the above results for viewing angles and things it looks like the Grayhawk RS would retain ANSI CR better in a light colored room, but that comes with more hotspotting possible and grainier look.