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Here's my 2 cents worth. If you have a good 720p projector you can get much better bang for you home theater buck investing in other parts of your system. For example, instead of upgrading to a 1080p projector I bought an anamorphic lens (Panamorph UH380 - the good thing about a nice piece of glass is that it doesn't wear out or become obsolete, and I got an excellent deal on a lightly used one) and switched out my screen for a 120x50 2.4:1. The positive impact for my movie viewing experience was far more dramatic than any 1080p projector would have been, and potentially for far less money depending on the 1080p projector chosen (I have a bias for DLP over LCD). My projector is a SIM2 HT300 Plus which continues to give a fantastic picture with outstanding color and blacks. And at 720p I get better resolution than someone using zooming to get a 2.4:1 picture with a 1080p projector.