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All existing 3D compatible projectors, and almost all 3D computer monitors and all current 3D plasma/lcd tv's display 120 frames per second, 60 for each eye, controlled by shutterglasses. The huge difference is how the 3D is transmitted. The 3D Projectors and 3D computer monitors accept a 120 Hz signal from a computer to transmit 3D. Every other frame is for the left eye, the other frame for the right, just like it is displayed. 3D Blu-ray players/PS3, on the other hand, transmit a funky frame packed 3D so they can output both eyes frames in one 60 Hz signal. Processing inside the tv turns that into 120 frames per second ouput for the screen. nVidia 3D vision on the computer will play video games with 120Hz output. The newest PowerDVD will play 3D blu-ray movies on the computer at 120Hz for this projector. Obviously it would be nice to plug your 3D blu-ray player/PS3 directly into the projector, but as the signals are comletely different this won't work. The solution, which should be available early next year, is the Optoma 3D-XL converter box. It will take the 60Hz frame packed signal and turn it into 120Hz frame sequential for these current 720P 3D ready projectors. Future projectors from LG and Sony will accept the frame packed 60Hz 3D signal (and cost tons of money, but at least be 1080P.) Sorry for the long anwser. Short anwser is no, you can't plug your ps3 into this for 3D.