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I am posting this as information only. I recently purchased a Philips DVP3460 1080p HD Progressive scan up converting DVD player which replaced my old Philips DVD player. After plugging it in, it also Cycled through all the Sources, bypassing HDMI. I had the HDMI cable plugged into this projector and it seemed to try to connect it, however it eventually failed and would say "no sources Found".

I tried replacing the DVD player, however the same problems occurred. I know the HDMI cable worked since my old DVD player still functioned on it.

After a long search, I found that Downgrading my Firmware on my DVD player from 6.6 to 5.9 ( the only firmware avaiable for Download) resolve this issue.

I called Philips to tell them this information. They responded with that It's not Philips fault it didn't work, and instead I should have Upgraded the Firmware on Optoma's Website.

Either way, I'm glad this is resolved. Hopefully this will help any of you looking to figure out why Optoma HD66 was cycling past the Source you intended for it.