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Great Article! I like how Evan as a professional reviewer, is not stuck in the 'old school', is open to new improvements, and brings a more unbiased view. I am seeing more and more how other reviewers are stuck in the old school thinking, and not open to improvements like FI as important.

I think FI is going to be a big part of the future of home theatre movie viewing, and the key to it is two fold: 1. It may take some time to get used to it because we've been used to judder for so long & came to accept judder as being surreal. 2. I think the bigger the screen you have at home, the better. If you are watching a movie from more than 12 feet back on a 100ft(or less) screen, you may notice the 'soap opera effect' too much. However if you are 12 or less feet back and have a 120+ ft screen, then I think it will be much better & FI becomes a smoothness improvement to enhance the movie experience free of judder, rather than an annoying effect.

If they start using this new technology in theatres then we will definitely get more used to it quickly as the new standard way film should look. For now, my only fear is that once people get used to it at home under the right aspec ratio distance circumstances, going to the theatre will become less appealing because judder will become more noticeable than it used to be (at least until more theatres start adopting the use of this technology).