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BenQ SH910 Projector BenQ SH910
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3000:1 Contrast Ratio
4000 Lumens
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BenQ SH910 Conference Room Projector

Allan Abbott, April 12, 2012


Lamp Life - A 2000-hour lamp life for a 4,000-lumen projector in normal mode is not unusual, but there are comparably priced projectors with longer lamp lives (3,000 hours). Running in Eco mode extends lamp life to 3,000 hours, and the cost of a replacement lamp is about $350.

Installation Inflexibility - If you move the SH910 from place to place, its lack of lens shift may be an issue as room layouts differ. Even if you want to permanently install this projector, you may find yourself faced with limited placement options and/or very precise mounting requirements (e.g., drop tubes, mounting shelves) to get the image dimensions you seek. Without lens shift, you will have to align the lens centerline perpendicular to the screen to avoid horizontal keystoning. The good news is that the 1.5:1 zoom lens lets you vary distance from the screen over a moderate distance. For example, a 100" image can be projected from 10'4" to 15'6" away.


The BenQ SH910 competes directly with the Optoma TH1060P. For notes on how these two models compare, see this mini-shootout.


You can find 4,000-lumen 1080p projectors for less money than the SH910, but external speakers are often an overlooked expenditure and a wiring annoyance. With its 20-watt audio output, the SH910 avoids that expense and inconvenience. Couple that audio performance with excellent data and video images, and you have a value package that is hard to match in a large venue projector. When you consider its usefulness in brightly lit home applications, the SH910 stands out as a workhorse with all the flash and pedigree of a thoroughbred. It deserves our highest performance and value ratings.

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Posted Nov 4, 2013 2:50 PM

By Andrew

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I used your site in the past when I first built my HT room. I have found your advice to be bang on. I have been running a Sanyo with 3500 lumen output and it has been a tank with virtually no issues. It's too bad that Panasonic took them out. I have a 14 foot wide Firehawk screen and full darkening capability in the room. Since everything has now gone HD I would like to look at uprading to HD and I'm having trouble finding something slightly brighter. Is the brightness issue the only reason you don't recommend this as a HT projector. This fits my room perfectly if it is.

Thanks Andrew

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