Buyer's Guide to Business Projectors: Cost

Key Features

The prices listed in the Projector Database are current Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (or MSRP). When selecting your budget constraints in the Feature Search, keep in mind that street prices are often much lower than the MSRP. Check the Current Dealer Prices page to get a feel for current street prices. Keep in mind that the posted price is often not the best price that dealer can offer, so be sure to click through to their website to check for any special deals they may be offering.

Take the street price discount into consideration when you search for products. For example, you may have a budget of $1,500. However, it is not uncommon to find projectors with a $2,000 MSRP selling for $1,500. So use Find Projectors for products with an MSRP up to $2,000. If you find a product that meets your needs, but the MSRP is outside your budget range, you can use Current Dealer Prices to see if it is available for less than its listed MSRP. This page is also reachable by clicking on the "Prices" link on each projector's specification page in our database.

In summary, there are several ways to find dealers and solutions that will work within your budget:

  1. Go to the Current Prices section for current street price quotations. Here you will find dealers quoting prices on a variety of products. If your product is listed in this section, click through to a dealer's website to see if they offer a lower price (this is usually denoted by "Call" or "Visit" in the price window).

  2. Go to the Dealer Locator, and find dealers near you that handle the product you are looking for. Call them directly and discuss prices and the services that they offer. Local dealers can demonstrate the projectors and provide local installation and training support if you need it.

Buyer Beware: Before selecting a dealer, whether local or online, check the dealer's policies regarding returns, refunds, upgrades, warranty and non-warranty maintenance service, loaners during service, and so forth. Dealers vary widely in their ability to deliver top-quality customer support. Projector Central does not offer recommendations on which dealers to do business with, but we do allow and encourage other users of the site to leave their recommendations. These Dealer ratings are available from the Current Dealer Prices page, and can be a valuable tool to aid in choosing a dealer.